Posted: Oct 11, 2005 By: Sharon Jones-Hunstead

Subject: Tax Reform; National Sales Tax

Comment: What is so hard about a National Sales Tax in lieu of filing tax returns each year. If the government established a sales tax on everything we buy, home, auto, groceries, clothing, insurance, etc. etc. etc. everyone would pay their share based upon their ability to purchase. Whether it be purchased via a Mortgage, Auto Financing, Checks, Credit Cards or Cash each and everyone would be paying their share. The rich would not get the benefits of large deductions for high priced homes and the other benefits that are presently in place for the wealthy. Even if you are a drug dealer from some foreign country, you spend money on airline tickets, hotels, food, rental cars; everything and everyone would be taxed. Look at the visitors to our country each year that do not pay income taxes to the U.S. because they aren't citizens and regularly reside here - they too would be supporting our country and paying their share for our highway usage and any other service they receive. National Sales Tax and not filing with the IRS is the most fair method there is- no deductions for children, education, home ownership, charitable contributions, medicine, etc. Just a flat National Sales Tax on every dollar you spend. If everyone, including the child buying a candy bar, was paying 5% of what the item cost we would not have a deficit in the is the way to make the Tax Reform Changes that are needed immediately. All the money spent that is derived from corruptions, drugs, money laundering, etc. would all pay something. Even if the drug world continue hiding their money in purchasing homes, autos, race horses, airplanes, vacation villas; whatever, they would still be paying the National Sales Tax on what they spent. Please consider my suggestion. The stores already report the sales tax to the states that have sales tax, why not report the National Sales Tax to the Federal Government and you would be getting it as it is paid not one time a year when taxes are so few of us and not the wealthy. Why should a business get to write off a $500.00 dinner with guest, most of it isn't business related anyway, and the individual family can't write it off taxes. Be fair for a change..National Sales Tax is it.