Posted: Oct 13, 2005 By: Mark Westerman

Subject: Tax Reform

Comment: I am an individual who owns a small business. While the reforms that you have proposed would have little effect on me personally, I believe you have entirely missed your commission’s mission. Your reforms would only increase taxes and compliant costs to those individuals and businesses that have achieved some degree of success. You are only increasing the taxes on the “evil rich”. I hope you realize that those same people and organizations are responsible for job creation and economic growth.

There are two alternative tax proposals that have gained public exposure. The Flat Tax and The Fair Tax (HR25). Either of theses would be superior to the mind numbing and overly complicated system of progressive income tax that we currently suffer under.

The Fair tax as proposed would make this country the economic haven of the world while returning the billions of dollars and millions of jobs that have fled overseas to escape our federal tax laws.

How can your commission continue to support a system that was first introduced by Carl Marx?