Posted: Apr 26, 2005 By: Chris Joosse

Subject: I favor a national retail sales tax like the FairTax

Comment: for details.

Today, our manufacturers' goods sit on shelves next to products from other countries... and US products have income tax rolled into the unit cost. Meanwhile, products from other nations don't have that kind of burden?

Please, repeal the 16th amendment and adopt the FairTax. It will simplify tax time, reduce compliance costs, boost the economy, remain revenue neutral, reduce interest rates, and provide transparency to our nation's tax system.

What's more, it will make an individual's tax burden a function of choice, instead of being calculated by a policymaker, using a formula- If I want to live simply and invest, my tax bill reflects my lifestyle choice, rather than my productivity. This would support, rather than penalize, desirable behavior such as investment and savings.

With its prebate system, the FairTax promises to entirely un-tax the poor. I urge you to consider this!