Posted: Apr 25, 2005 By: Robert Beretta (IRS Retired)

Subject: IRS -Poor Keeper of the Treasury

Comment: The IRS cannot collect approx. $350-400
billion/year. As a former compliance offi-
cer w/IRS for 28 yrs. it's quite evident
that the IRS has been severely curtailed
in its efforts to collect. In the mid-six-
ties, the compliance, non-compliance ratio
was 96% compliance, 4% noncompliance. At
present, it is 60-40. The 40 percent tran-
slates to the previously mentioned $350-
$400 billion in uncollected taxes. The
l998 act severly tied the IRS' hands in
collecting what was owed. Now, the manual
is replete with numerous appeals and road-
blocks that impede collection efforts.
Millions of dollars toll (statue expira-
tion)daily and are lost forever. But the
major problem is historically poor IRS re-
cruitment - the IRS is staffed with poor quality personnel. This commission is tak-
ing the easy road by citing "too many tax-
breaks"; they're not willing to concentra-
te efforts in remedying the real problems.