Posted: Oct 13, 2005 By: Cory Froelich

Subject: Federal Tax Reform

Comment: I want to urge the panel to support the FairTax Bill HR25/SB25. We deserve a system that taxes you on how much you use and consume not how much you earn. For too long we have been punishing success. The more you succeed and the more you make, the more the government punishes you by taking more and more of your income! This is MADNESS!! Why punish someone for being successful? We should encourage people to make more money. People earning more means people will spend more and give us a stronger economy. It really is that simple... Don't believe me? Answer this question; who pays more to the government and helps the economy more, a poor person or a wealthy person? The answer is obvious. So let’s agree to quit taxing income and tax purchases. If you want the rich to pay more than the poor, you got it. The rich will buy much more than the poor and will obviously pay more taxes. Once we quit punishing success, who knows how many people will try to achieve more and help our county's economy in the process. Please take this into consideration. Thank you.