Posted: Apr 27, 2005 By: Mark A. Pearson, M.A.

Subject: Income Tax in Un-American

Comment: Panel Members:
The Great American Experiment has come to another crossroads. Like that crisis 150 years ago
when the nation was forced to reconcile how this nation, conceived in Liberty and dedicated to the
proposition that all men are created equal, could continue to allow one class of citizens to be held in
servitude to another. The current economic slavery the Income Tax system imposes by the the
forcible usurpation of the fruits of a man's labors and the judging of the activities a man puts his life to
(by taxing different uses differently) is the antithesis of what it is to be American.
The Income Tax in the abstract violates the basic premises that we are a free people. The
day-to-day realities of administering the present peculiar system with 55,000 pages of ways and
means to mitigate and ameliorate the evil that the process imposes bears strong witness to the
underlying knowledge that the system is wrong.
The waste of 8.6 billion hours of American's time each year being forced to subject themselves to
self destructive accounting and the gross inefficiencies of a system that costs the payer hundreds of
billions of dollars to collect the 2 trillion dollars argues against the system. If the business of America
is business, the current system which strangles job growth, productivity and entrepreneurship is truly
Many things point to advisability of a consumption tax. Most important is the transparency of a
sales tax. We the people would again have a clear sense of what we are spending and what we are
buying when we pay taxes to get the government we deserve. The proposed system of the so-called
FairTax has many added benefits. First, many argue that removing the poorest from the tax rolls is a
good thing, an American thing, the FairTax does this -- not just removing them from taxation on their
income, but also removing the hidden taxation already on every product in the American economy
which we all pay. Further, by the structure of returning taxed dollars up to the poverty level the
system becomes defacto progressive on those who spend money above and beyond subsistence
levels. Those who wantonly consume pay ever increasing percentages of their available resources in
taxes (up to the ceiling of 23% of the retail values of products). Those looking to reduce their
contributions can use their God-given, American creativity to provide for the wants and needs of
themselves and their families without breaking the law (no matter how Un-American those laws may
Thank you for the opportunity to advise you of my ongoing concerns to the Income Tax system,
Please recommend to the President that the 16th Amendment be overturned, the IRS disbanded and
the collection of taxes by replaced by the National Retail Sales Tax as stipulated in "the FairTax"
(currently H.R25/S.25).

Respectfully Submitted,

Mark A. Pearson, M.A.
777 E. Haney Rd.
Carbondale, IL 6290