Posted: Apr 28, 2005 By: Timothy J. Gillis

Subject: RPUT – Tax Reform/Research Project

TO: President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform

Good Members of the Advisory Panel:

The attached submission is a conceptual overview of a proposed system to replace the current federal income tax. The proposed reform is the result of an extensive research project which resulted in a completed thesis and published book.

Extensive information on this reform has previously been provided academics, independent political think tanks, policy makers, the media and the general public. We are indeed honored to introduce the new ideas and concepts associated with this reform to your panel at this important time.

Our research entailed a comprehensive review of taxation in America. The principles on which a sound tax system should be based, as well as the specific reform measure, are presented in our thesis. We very definitely suggest, after you review the attached submission, that we provide you with an in-person presentation on this most important project.

Please have your staff coordinate with us on a date and time that would be convenient.


Timothy J. Gillis, Director
The RPUT Project
Maximus Profectus