Posted: Oct 30, 2005 By: Stephen Ralston

Subject: Taxes

Comment: The proposed tax changes from this commission are window dressing compared to what the American public really wants.
Only draconian measures will ever make the system fair.
The commission needs to go back to the table and re-read the commenst they have received. Tax tables, rules, exceptions, etc., need to be streamlined. And that means making changes that really make a difference.
If the report and changes proposed stand, then all the taxpayers have done, once again, is pay for themselves to be used. More of the same is not what the American public elected the president to do. If we wanted that, we could have elected Kerry & hide away from any responsibility and the realities of life.
Please rethink this proposed tax report and write changes that will truly help the American people. We need leadership now, not more of the same political posturing.
Thank you.