Posted: Oct 18, 2005 By: Bryan Gissiner

Subject: Fair Tax innitiative

Comment: On Oct. 11th, the President?s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform Chairman, retired Senator Connie Mack, made it clear that the panel has rejected any form of fundamental tax reform, including a national sales tax, and has opted instead for old fashioned tinkering with the current system.
Although I share a State with Mr. Mack I do not share his views on the Fair Tax initiative and he threrfore does not represent me or my family. We believe the tax system should be used for the purpose originally intended and that the current system is confusing, unfair and detrimental to the average tax payer. Americans currently spend millions to have the current tax forms translated and completed for them because the current forms are too confusing and impossible to fill out in a manner that is fair to the average tax payer. I do not have the figures but believe the amount of unclaimed but owed tax money back to the tax payers is out of control. Please end this deception and misuse of the current tax system and seriously consider the Fair Tax reform as outlined by Mr. Bortz in his fair tax book.