Posted: Oct 17, 2005 By: Brett Hammonds

Subject: Fair Tax HR25

Comment: It appears as if this panel is set to recommend escalating taxes on the "rich". While much of America has come to expect the class warfare argument to emerge in an election year, it is foolish to believe it will solve any problems. Many politicians choose this path to keep their jobs rather than actually performing their jobs. Many speak of the evil rich however, it is those we label as such that provide all of the jobs in America. I have never been employed by a poor person. My guess is that neither have you. Nobody in the working class or the upper class is looking for special treatment only fair and equal treatment. I would urge the panel to read and consider HR25 "The Fair Tax Bill" as a solution to our current tax structure. This will be evidence as to whether this panel is truly attempting to provide answers to the problems confronting America or are solely interested in preserving their position of power over the citizens of this country.