Posted: Aug 31, 2005 By: Peter Ruhe

Subject: make taxation a whole lot simpler

Comment: Dear TaxReformPanel,

The current tax code is about 1000 times longer and more complicated than it needs to be. If your work does not result in at least a cutting in half of the current mess, then you haven't done your job.

Cut it in half every year, for about 10 years. Or do it faster. But not slower. Don't be wimps. A high school graduate should be able to read the whole tax code within one day.

Right now, America is surviving DESPITE bad government, not because of good government. Like a plant or an animal with parasites. If the parasites get worse, the host dies. The tax system is one of the worst parts of the parasitical complex.

Please look at .

That's the kind of direction we need to go. No minor tinkering. Show the rest of the world that America can still lead boldly.

Thank you,
...Peter Ruhe