Posted: Oct 13, 2005 By: Kathleen Thomson

Subject: ridiculous proposals

Comment: I have read the proposals your panel has come up with. I do not understand what you have done with taxpayers money for the other 8 months, as these proposals could not have taken more than a month to formulate. I thought your mission was to reform, make equal, and simplify the tax code. You seem to have decided to not reform, make less equal and I guess taking away the only true deduction will simplify filing. Another slot not to fill in! Do you people not realize WE THE PEOPLE are tired of your answer to everything being take away something or increase the burden! Enough. There are other proposals out there, Fair Tax being one of them that seem much fairer and put the power in the individual and business' hands as to what they pay. This is where it belongs, not in a group of overpaid "panelists" that conclude more money goes to assure they keep getting paid.
I would say thank you for your time, but like the rest of the overburdened taxpayers of this country, I am paying for it.