Posted: Apr 27, 2005 By: Jean Warner

Subject: paying taxes

Comment: I think that paying taxes is an important part of citizenship. I think that every single person should contribute. That is why I believe that the National Sales Tax idea is much better than the current system. I have heard Cong. John Linder speak on CSpan about his ideas for tax reform and how this sales tax will benefit everyone. Bottomline, we will have a stronger country when each person knows that every other person is paying something, right along with him/her. I would expect that the amount of National Sales Tax would be approximately the same that I pay now. There may even be a decrease in taxes with the benefits of doing business in the "income-tax-free" USA, our economy will improve resulting in a possible need for less taxes ( ya didn't I..reduced taxes..funny, huh?) Anyway, I think that anything that makes it much easier for Americans to see that we are ALL in this together and that "the better off everyone is, the better off EVERYONE is". Thank You for taking my comments.