Posted: Sep 02, 2005 By: Kevin Frieden

Subject: Fairtax

Comment: Dear Panel Members, please note my support for HR25 and the tax scheme outlined in the bestselling book "The Fairtax Plan".

Not only is the current income tax scheme invasive it is, by design extremely regressive. Because, the income tax is imbedded in every phase of manufacturing, packaging, distribution, wholesaling, and retailing of an American product we are encouraging the movement of thousands of jobs to lower taxed countries. Which means slower economic growth, fewer jobs, and lower wages at home in the US. Also, because we choose to tax on a corporate level we encourage US based multinationals to focus their growth beyond our borders.

This hurts every American. but middle and low income families are affected the most.

Please, work to garner presidential support for HR25/S25.

Best Regards,

Kevin Frieden