Posted: Oct 13, 2005 By: Karen L. Cascio

Subject: tax code and home ownership

Comment: In theory I support the panels conclusion that our current tax system is burdensome and unfair. I am concerned however that with reform once again, middle-class tax payers and head of household tax payers will be treated unfairly. I do not understand why a single mother or father raising a child does not enjoy the same tax breaks as those who are married filing joint returns. In today's world both husband and wife work and typically these households bring in more income than those who are filing head of household. It is difficult enough to raise a child or children alone without being burdened with a higher tax rate.

Also, I have been working for 33 years and still do not own a home and have little savings. I am concerned that changes to the tax law will not allow me the interest deductions that so many now enjoy and I am also concerned when I retire that changes that call for taxing employees for their health benefits will further burden on me when I am living on a fixed income. I don't understand the conclusion that it would be a good thing to tax health benefits as income? Once again you will be injurying the working middle class. I understand the need to assist those who live in poverty, but why is it that the middle class must always bear the brunt of this burden. People making incomes of over 150,000 a year can afford so much why should the person making 60,000 a year be the one to have to pay taxes on their employer provided insurance. Also, little or nothing is being done anymore to assist college students. It is disgraceful how, if you are poor you can go to college and if you are wealthy you can go to college, but if you are from a middle class family you are burdend by exhorbitant student loan debt and so is your family. Thank you for reviewing these matters and allowing the public to submit comments.