Posted: Apr 27, 2005 By: James Gordon

Subject: Tax reform

Comment: I am not a tax whiz, so my comments will be short and simple.To begin with, everyone should be paying some portion of the tax burden --- rich, middle class, poor, corporations, businesses large and small, etc.--- afterall, we all are receiving services from the Federal Government. The tax codes need to be revised so that ordinary citizens can understand them. To this end either an all encompassing flat rate tax or a National Sales Tax is in order. Of the two, the flat rate may serve our countries purposes best if such a tax covers all citizens and corporations. If tax reform does become a viable option for the Legislative Branch to consider, one would hope that it will not be hung up for years as so much else is --- I would dearly love to live long enough to see this come to fruition. Also, exemptions and exceptions should not exist. Now I realize that a number of these are "sacred cows", and that our legislators are by and large somewhat cowardly when rocking the boat is a possibility, but it is time for these folks to do what they were elected to do -- serve the citizens of the U S.
Thank you for the opportunity to offer my opinion ---- Jim