Posted: Apr 25, 2005 By: Linda Robinson

Comment: My daughter has been living on her own up until a month ago. However, she
had a serious break in October after being assaulted and has not been able
to work since then. She is now living with me, but I basically supported her
living expenses for most of last year. In addition, I had to replace my roof
and my heating/air conditioner unit. I had to cash in my supplemental
retirement to make ends meet. When tax time came, the deduction I got for my
daughter's expenses was offset by the penalty for withdrawing retirement
early. There was no credit for the expenses (approximately $7500) for
maintaining my home. We have been trying to get my daughter covered by
Social Secuirty and Medicaid, but so far she has not qualified. Now we have
to get an attorney involved. I am willing to pay my share to support the
services our government provides; but as more costs are shifted to the
states, individual tax payers are being hit hard by state and local taxes.
We must maintain some way of addressing the complexity of issues facing
individual citizens and their families. I consider the homeowner's exemption
a financial life-saver, especially this year when I had to pay additional
thousands of dollars to both the federal and state governments.

Linda C., Robinson
Greenville, NC