Posted: May 30, 2005 By: Ty Hardison

Subject: Tax Reform Comments

Comment: My company works with a diverse mix of 4,000 retail, restaurant and professional businesses to accept payment from their customers. This gives us a unique opportunity to share a common perspective - that the current tax system is a burden that limits growth.

Small businesses will be the first to tell you that companies don't pay taxes, people do. Business owners pass their tax bill along to their customers just as they do all their other expenses required to service their customers (customers pay the embedded tax in the form of higher prices). Then there is the example of the small businesses which does not pass their tax bill along in the customer price because if they do they couldn’t compete with large corporate giants and foreign competitors not burdened by the same tax laws or who have the resources to avoid the tax. When this happens our country loses because job creation is stifled. Figuring out how to negotiate loopholes, securing the necessary expertise and the shear man hours required to remain in compliance with an array of small business tax (and the personal tax of the small business owner) steals creative productivity and the incentive to hire and take risks - important requirements for driving the entrepreneurial spirit that is the back bone of our economy and national security.

None of these businesses have a problem collecting sales tax. A national sales tax that eliminates all other tax burdens would be a revolutionary shift that is simply a more intelligent way to fund government. The 21st century global competition demands we take immediate steps to pass the FairTax. The FairTax will grow the economy, increase savings and investment, create jobs and speed innovation, result in a larger tax base and secure for new generations the opportunity at the American dream.