Posted: Apr 26, 2005 By: brian kibler

Subject: Fair Tax

Comment: Please deeply consider recommendation of the fair tax. This is the most comprehensive and fair way of taxing us. Everybody will pay their fair share, along with doing away with illegal pay practices, illegal immigrants that get away without paying any taxes, and we also let our tourist who are visiting our country to help bare a small part of our tax load. this system would work for every American and also grow the economy and as the economy grows and more people work our pays can increase due to the savings businesses will incur, the more money we the people have to spend and invest the better for everybody. I have read the full FairTax act and am totally for it, I have helped to give the information to many people and co-workers. I have yet to find anybody whom after reading the information on this system, that is not for it, everybody says "when can it start" If the fair tax were to be presented to the masses I really feel that there would be outstanding support for it. Thank you for your time and please consider this our best option.