Posted: Apr 26, 2005 By: Wynne Loveless

Comment: Wynne A. Loveless
401 SW Rand
Burleson, TX 76028

The President's Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform
1440 New York Avenue NW
Suite 2100
Washington, DC 20220
April 22, 2005
Dear Sirs,
You are seeking input from the American people concerning tax reform. After twenty years of writing resolutions for political platforms, I can tell you what the majority of Johnson County, Texas residents want: Fair Tax. We want the government to quit taking OUR MONEY, then spending it on things we DISAPPROVE of. The only way we can control how much tax we pay is through the retail sales tax. This plan puts EVERYONE - rich and poor, Republicans and Democrats, educated and uneducated, private individuals and huge corporations, legal citizens and illegal aliens - on the same level of taxation.
We would pay taxes on NEW ITEMS we buy. Someone buying a used home or vehicle or clothing, etc. would not be taxed, while those who chose to buy new items would be taxed according to their level of spending. This would allow those content with a resale item to afford better quality, since they wouldn’t have to budget in the extra 8+% for taxes.
The plan includes foods and life necessities, so EVERYONE is equally taxed on their choices. As it is now, those on food stamps may choose to buy T-bone steaks tax free, while our budget will only allow hot dogs, or a bank president may buy expensive prepared foods, while a teacher can only afford cheap TV dinners or Hamburger Helper. Fair Tax brings equity even to food purchases. Those who would balk at the idea of EVERYONE paying retail taxes on food would soon be convinced, when they realize that there is a “pre-tax exemption” up to a certain income level.
The Fair Tax would eliminate the millions of dollars the IRS currently spends on implementation and regulation Most professionals whose livelihoods depend on the current tax system would find compatible employment in the newly stimulated economy. Prices would decrease, since hidden taxes and “fees” would be eliminated. We might even see gas prices drop to reasonable levels when all the hidden taxes are removed!
Most importantly, the American worker would once again be able to KEEP HIS ENTIRE PAYCHECK, SPEND IT AS HE CHOOSES, AND STIMULATE THE ECONOMY with the available cash. Debt, with its drain on the economy and the losses that financial institutions suffer as a result of the bankruptcy, would decrease.
On a personal note, due to our middle-class income, extreme medical bills, tithe and donations, and adoption credit, we pay much less income tax than the average American family. We are more than willing to forsake this privilege in order to see America and our children and future grandchildren free from the onerous, confiscatory Internal Revenue Service. Thank you for your time and consideration. NOW is the time for the FAIR TAX.


Wynne A. Loveless
Burleson, TX