Posted: May 23, 2005 By: Phil Rogers

Subject: Tax Reform

Comment: To: President’s Advisory Panel on Federal Tax Reform

I am for a “Flat Tax.” In my opinion, that flat tax might have the following deductions:
1) A qualifying “Child Tax Credit” (for a maximum of two children),
2) a “Standard Deduction” (line 39 of the 2004 1040 tax return), and
3) an “Exemptions” (line 41 of the 2004 1040 tax return).

In my opinion, no other deductions or exemptions should be allowed. That is no “Itemized Deductions” or any other deduction or exemptions of any kind should be allowed. It is the proliferation of deductions and exemptions that has made an undecipherable mess of our unequal and unfair tax system. It has given preferential treatment to selected groups of tax payers (generally the rich and powerful) so that they pay less than their fair share of taxes. The complexity of our present tax system wastes billions of hours of time, and billions of dollars spent to prepare tax returns, each year, that is totally nonproductive for our county. This is a man made system that is ludicrous!

Phil Rogers
357 Lake Bay Loop SE
Ocean Shores, WA 98569