Posted: Oct 13, 2005 By: Gwyn Guess

Subject: Recommendations of the Panel

Comment: I am totally Disgusted with the Panel's recent suggestions regarding tax reform. The only item that actually complies with the President's directive is the proposal for elimination of the AMT.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the panel is made up of gutless, self--serving Washington insiders who have a Vested Interest in keeping the same fossilized and corrupt system intact. The panel is made up of politicians who have no political will to make things better for the country or for the American Citizens they reresent. Their conclusions are a slap in the face to every citizen who has spent enormous time, money and sweat trying to effect Real Tax reform for our country!
The AFFT is launching a massive effort to inform all elected officials and all pertinent persons that they WILL be voted out of office if they don't support the FairTax.
I am personally calling my representatives and the President on a daily basis to alert them to the panel's violation of the public trust and of the President's mandate to come up with a system proposal that will grow the economy, be Fair to all and Revenue Neutral, while keeping home ownership incentives intact.
The panel's blatant ignoring of this directive is an insult to the President and to the public it was entrusted to serve.
That it has distorted and completely misrepresented the FairTax proposal is unconscienable!
Supporters of the FairTax are Activists who will write letters to the editors of major papers, inform their own public officials and contact the President. This action of the panel will NOT go unnoticed because people are getting FED UP with government officials playing politics with peoples' lives, welfare and the health of the country as a whole. It is time for this joke that is Washington D.C to wake up and realize that the grass roots is becoming mobilized and is going to relive 1776 through the ballot box and at local and national elections!