Posted: Oct 11, 2005 By: James L. Haines

Subject: National Retail Sales Tax

Comment: At this late hour, I respectfully urge the Panel to seriously consider a national retail sales tax as proposed at and in H.R.25.
As a retired person living on pension, social security and savings income, it looks at first glance that this proposal would not necessarily be in my best interest since I do not pay income or payroll taxes. However, I feel that with sales tax paid to the poverty level, and the lifting of responsibility for future taxes from tax free savings accounts, that I would at worst be in a break even situation. Personal finances aside, I believe that the Fair Tax is in the best interests of the U.S. economy especially in the area of foreign trade. Once again I urgently request that the members of the panel do an in depth study of this proposal and thoroughly question it's authors and knowledgeable supporters.

Thank you.