Posted: Apr 28, 2005 By: Paul Davis

Subject: FairTax or No Tax

Comment: My first preference is to have no Federal tax at all -- supporting limited, constitutional government with tariffs alone. If the Federal government were reduced to the size and functions authorized by a literal (as opposed to the present court-inspired make-believe) reading of our constitution, that's all it would require.

Acknowledging that that isn't likely to happen soon due to the overwhelming propaganda machine supporting the present unconstitutional big-government system, the institution of the "Fair Tax" national sales tax would be my second choice -- provided that it were accompanied by a concurrent repeal of the 16th Amendment, thus creating a very large hurdle to the politicians' saddling us with both systems.

The advantages of the proposed Fair Tax vs. the present income tax are well documented by the organization, so it serves no useful purpose to recite them again here.