Posted: May 29, 2005 By: William Prouty, MBA PhD

Subject: National Retail Sales Tax (NRST)

Comment: The economic condition has be negatively impacted by the current Marxian formatted progress income tax system. Even with all the "tax advantaged" programs, like HSA, 401k, etc. the current tax code creates substantial barriers for economic-investment and savings growth. The current system also imbeds significant costs, up to 40% into the cost of goods. The NRST will remove these burdens and dramatically improve economic development. A NRST tax system will result in lower cost of goods and services which will benefit all citizen. Personnally, the NRST tax system will increase my personal burdens but over a short period of the 2-4 years will open up greater business revenue opportunities which will benefit me and the employees of our nine organizations.