Posted: Apr 27, 2005 By: Mark Farner

Subject: Fair Tax Issue

Comment: Dear Panel Members,

You not only have the opportunity but the duty and responsibility to change the current tax system and finally give the citizens of the United States some needed relief. Relief from the abuse of power that has been used against us under the color of law by the IRS. This agency is nothing more than a collection agency for the Federal Reserve (which is foreign owned and has no patriotic sense whatsoever) They use bully tactics that strip the people of this country of their property and pride, with burtal tactics they bully the people and by extortion take their hard earned money, their family farms, and put fine US citizens out of their own homes into the street. It is the obvious intentions of those who control this agency of infinite brutality, to keep us intimidated and in fear and strip from us any sense of, or association with freedom.

The record keeping and file storage obligation that is placed upon us by the current system is nonsense. If everyone paid their fair share in the form of a Federal Retail Sales Tax, from the poorest to the richest, there would be no need for such BS, it would bring a sense of positive forward thinking to our people. The tax court system, the US attorneys and associated thugs that handle tax cases, the over 100,000 tax agents and their staffs, the buildings, the heat, the air conditioning, the phone bills, the electricity, the up keep and all other related expenses could be alleviated and the money saved could be used for purposes that are actually useful and beneficial for the people of this country.

We only have one life, why not make it a better life for those generations who will follow us and the ones who follow them by doing what is right and truthful right now! Eliminate the ability of thugs to bully and abuse the citizens of this great country. Will you, the people of this panel give us a representation that is profitable to all US citizens? I pray for your honest consideration of the Fair Tax and that the darkness that has presided over us be taken from our sight forever.


Mark Farner