Posted: May 18, 2005 By: Ben Doolin

Subject: The FairTax Please

Comment: Dear Sirs,

Having followed these proceedings closely I've heard no one say that a consumption tax is the wrong way to go, in fact the opposite is true.

For a consumption tax, the two options mentioned most are VAT and Sales Tax. The primary difference is the complexity, cost and hidden nature that are included with the VAT.

This leaves us with a National Sales Tax. Opponents of a National Sales Tax complaim primarily about the taxation of the poor and sticker shock for consumers.

The Fair Tax has a prebate that 'untaxes' the poor up to the poverty level.

The Fair Tax replaces the payrol tax which will reduce the cost of American made goods by about the same amount as the sales tax will add AND workers will have no federal withholding or payroll tax deductions leaving them net ahead by about 25%.

The FairTax removes lobbiest power over tax laws.

The FairTax is simple, it's clear, it's pro-growth, it's pro-investment, it's pro-jobs, it's fair.

The FairTax has very many other benefits too and very few problems (like the suggestion that people will cheat) but even the problems noted by critics are vast improvements over the current system (the IRS claims current 'cheat' rates at 30% and under the FairTax, 90% of taxes will be collected and paid by audited pubilc corporations).

So, there really is only one right answer, The FairTax - Please.

Thank you,

Ben Doolin