Posted: Oct 18, 2005 By: Ed Sarlls

Subject: Response to viewing your last meeting

Comment: I have waited a while to cool down after watching your last meeting on CSPAN. As I feared when this panel was founded, there is no courage to reform our tax system to meet the demands of President Bush ( or the Democrat Leadership (

There is one answer which satisfies the demands of the Republican and Democrat leaders: The FairTax. HR 25, S 25.

Even more amazing is the Panel's apparent ignorance of the vast support of the FairTax by taxpayers submitting comments to the Panel.

If the Panel won't listen to President Bush, the Democtat leadership, or taxpayers, we can only assume that they are pawns of those who build their business on the backs of the taxpayers. This is a total waste of valuable federal resources.

You should all admit that you can't agree on anything that satisfies the demands of your calling and turn in your resignation.