Posted: Sep 04, 2005 By: Bielski

Subject: Income Tax and the Constitution

Comment: More of a question, why won't this panel discuss the Constitutionality of Income Taxes. It's a legit quesion that I personally believe needs to be answered. The number of websites concerning taxs seem to have growing proof of the IRC being unconstitutional. I'm being led to believe that the IRS has no legal authority to take any part of my wages and that in doing so, I'm reduced to the level of a slave. Show us by what authority the IRS has to attach anyone's wages. The news of the problems with IRS IRC getting out and I'm really curious about it. If it is indeed "Unconstitutional" let's get rid of it. I'm sure, with the talent on this panel you can come up some practical ideas. But seriously folks, if you're really not entitled to my wages, stop taking them. I really don't want to be made a slave for anyone.

I think it's high time that honesty is applied to this situation making a solution much easier to come up with.

Thank you very much for taking your time to read this.
Barry Bielski
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