Posted: Apr 26, 2005 By: Greg Carroll

Comment: Dear Sirs:

I'd like to briefly give my opinion on what is needed to remedy the current
tax system fiasco.

Every year I spend several days putting the information together for our
personal tax return, and then I still have to pay an accountant hundreds of
dollars to put it down on tax forms. And each year I get more and more
ticked off that I have to spend all this completely unproductive time to do
this - and accomplish absolutely nothing, zip, nada, zero. That's about one
work week, or approximately 2% of my time each year simply to figure out
what I owe Uncle Sam. Some day we will look back on the graduated income
tax system we have today as we look back on serfs of centuries ago and
wonder why we put up with this utter nonsense when we have such an easy and
logical solution in today's computer age.

The solution is NOT a flat income tax, the solution is a NATIONAL SALES TAX
at the federal level. Currently every time we purchase something various
sales taxes are paid, all going for the designated purpose. A national
sales tax would simply be one more computer entry for businesses and would
completely eliminate the need for ANY income tax if set up properly.
Everyone would pay their fair share each time a purchase is made. It's
ridiculous to make the collection of revenue such a complicated affair
today, and there is no reason to continue on this path of lost productivity
which cost every American valuable time & resources.

Please don't try to "fix" this mess of a tax system we have. Trash it
completely to the dust bin of history, which is the only place it belongs.
The NATIONAL SALES TAX is the only worthy solution that I see. And, at the
same time, federal binging on the spending end of the equation must be
brought under control at the same time.

Greg Carroll
Washington State