Posted: Apr 24, 2005 By: NULL

Comment: Dear Presidential Advisory Panel on Tax Reform,

I was so happy to read in the Los Angeles Times this Sunday morning that the
U.S. government would like to receive my comments about our federal taxes.
I have long wanted to give my opinion on this matter and have thought about
this at some length.

Firstly, what is fair? To everyone? I think equal tax rates are fair. A
flat tax with no exemptions and no deductions is fair. Why should someone
married be taxed differently then someone who is single? Why should a
couple with children be taxed differently then a couple without? Why should
someone who owns a house be taxed differently then someone without a home?
Why should one person be taxed 15% while the next person pays 28%? I've
always not understood how these laws and rules came about, but they just
don't seem quite fair.

Secondly, the total budgeted spending needs divided by the amount of
earnings of all wage earners will yield the flat rate tax percent to be

I appreciate this opportunity to give you my opinion on this very important
matter. I hope you will succeed in changing our government's taxing laws
for the better.

Best Regards,
Michele Deutsch