Commission delivered final report to Congress on June 28, 2002
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Commissioners and staff begin the tour of Robert Sharp. Left to right: Commissioner Harry Thomas and Rita Poundstone, Professor Stephen Golant, Commissioner Jim Introne, Co-Chair Ellen Feingold, and Commissioner Steve Protulis begin the tour of Robert Sharp Towers.. Commissioner Steve Protulis and Associate Director Dina Elani share a happy moment while touring Terri Brodes' (embracing Commissioner Protulis) apartment at Robert Sharp.

Co-Chair Nancy Hooks and Executive Director Gerard Holder discuss the Commission's work with a reporter. Co-Chair Ellen Feingold is given "the lay of the land" by Robert Sharp resident Terri Brodes as Commission staffer Sylvia Martinez (background left) and Commissioner Diana McIver (background right) check out the accomodations at Robert Sharp.

Commissioner Rita Poundstone and Commissioner Rev. Emanuel Cleaver chat with resident Charlotte Jackson while touring Ms. Jackson's apartment. Pat Kohnke discusses the excellent work of EHDOC in providing quality housing for seniors with AARP Board Chairman, C. Keith Campbell.

Co-chairs Feingold and Hooks spend a moment with the Associated Press. Co-Chair Ellen Feingold (far left), Commissioner and Elderly Housing Development and Operations Corporation (EHDOC) Executive Director, Steve Protulis (far right), and Commission Associate Director Dina Elani (center right) hear an overview of the amenities Robert Sharp Towers has to offer its residents by EHDOC Regional Director, Pat Kohnke who oversees the operation of the building.

AARP Board Chairman, C. Keith Campbell addresses the opening session of the hearing. Residents of EHDOC's facilities in South Florida testify before the Commission during the morning session.

Robert Sharp resident Ed Akalaitis tells the Commission about the benefits Robert Sharp Towers afforded him. Alphonso Villaparaous testifies on behalf of his sister-in-law who was reunited with her husband (Alphonso's brother) thanks to the Miami-Dade Housing Agency's Helen Sawyer Plaza assisted living project.

The Florida panel addresses the Commission. From right to left: Dr. Ariela Rodriguez of Little Havana Activities and Nutrition Centers, Jane Johnson of the Florida Association of Homes for the Aging, Jose Fabregas of CODEC, Inc., Dr. Pamela Elfenbein of Florida International University, and Alexandria Douglas of the Alliance for Human Services. The first afternoon panel addresses national policy issues relating to the Commission's work. From left to right: Jeffrey Taylor of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, Dr. Rosalie Kane of the University of Minnesota, Fredda Vladeck of the United Hospital Fund of New York, and Dr. Sandra Newman of Johns Hopkins University.

The afternoon panels culminated with more testimony on national policy. From left to right: Rene Rodriguez of the Miami-Dade Housing Agency, Dr. Cullen Hayashida of Assisted Living Options Hawaii, Ed Salsberg with the State University of New York at Albany, and Shawn Bloom with the National PACE Association. The Commission was grateful to its hosts, Commissioner Steve Protulis and the Elderly Housing Development and Operations Corporation and its staff. The hearing was held in the community room of Robert Sharp Tower I. From left to right: Commissioners Harry Thomas, Rev. Emanuel Cleaver II, James Sykes, Jane O'Dell Baumgarten, Nancy Hooks, Jim Introne, Ellen Feingold, Steve Protulis, Rita Poundstone, John Erickson, and Diana McIver.

Commission Deputy Executive Director Ken Trepeta handed off the camera to pose for a quick shot with Co-Chair Ellen Feingold during the day's events. Commission Special Assistant Judie Crawford and Director of administration Margretta Kennedy sign up people to speak and make sure the whole hearing goes smoothly.

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