Commission delivered final report to Congress on June 28, 2002
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Congressman James Walsh (R-NY) delivers an address during the afternoon public session as Commissioners Diana McIver, Nancy Hooks, Steve Protulis, and Jim Introne look on. The Commission listens to testimony during the afternoon session. From left to right, Rev. Cleaver, Diana McIver, John Erickson, Nancy Hooks, Steve Protulis, Jim Introne, Rita Poundstone, Jane Baumgarten, Ellen Feingold, Monsignor Gugino, Jim Sykes, and Harry Thomas.

Commissioner James Introne describes Loretto's Malta House to Commissioners Rita Poundstone, Steve Protulis, and John Erickson during a morning tour. Co-Chair Ellen Feingold greets HUD Assistant Secretary Roy Bernardi as Co-chair Nancy Hooks looks on.

The first panel delivers testimony. From left to Right, Arthur Webb of the Village Health System, Kate Cleveland from Center in the Park, Dorothy Ginsberg from the New Jersey Department of Health, Jack Balinsky from Catholic Charities of Rochester, and Ken Pagano of Essex Plaza Management. The second panel begins the afternoon session. From left to right, Mayor William Johnson of Rochester, Frederick Murphy of the Syracuse Housing Authority, Robert Yoder of the Council for Affordable and Rural Housing , and Raymond Czachowski of NDC Real Estate Development.

Commissioner Reverend Emanuel Cleaver, the former Mayor of Kansas City, discusses affordable housing for seniors with Assistant Secretary Bernardi, the former Mayor of Syracuse during a tour of the Syracuse Housing Authority's Almus Olver Tower. Co-chairs Nancy Hooks and Ellen Feingold take a short break for a photo with Congressman Walsh.

Commissioner Monsignor Henry Gugino discusses the issues with Assistant Secretary Bernardi during the Almus Olver tour.

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