Jeremy Sabloff

Dr. Warren Wagner

Curator of Pacific Botany, Department of Systematic Biology National Museum of Natural History

  • Robert Allerton Award for excellence in tropical botany in 1995 from National Tropical Botanical Garden
  • Engler Medal in Silver in 1993 from the International Association for Plant Taxonomy, for Manual of the flowering plants of Hawaii
  • Henry Allan Gleason Award in 1992 from the New York Botanical Garden for contributions to the Manual of the flowering plants of Hawaii

Dr. Wagner specializes in systematic, taxonomic, phylogenetic (utilizing morphological and in collaboration molecular data), and biogeographic botanical studies with primary specialization in Pacific Island floras. Projects include: floristic projects in Hawaiian and Marquesas Islands, and Micronesia; development of web interfaces for research products; evolution of breeding systems of Hawaiian and Pacific lineages; taxonomic groups include Hawaiian Cyrtandra (Gesneriaceae), Schiedea and Alsinidendron (both Caryophyllaceae) and non-Pacific studies in the family Onagraceae tribe Onagreae, primarily Oenothera.