Jeremy Sabloff

Dr. Simon Levin

George M. Moffett Professor of Biology, Princeton University

  • National Academy of Sciences, Member
  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Fellow
  • Former Director of the Princeton Environmental Institute
  • Robert MacArthur Award in 1988
  • Guggenheim Fellowship in 1979-80
  • Okubo Award, Society for Mathematical Biology

Dr. Levinís major interests relate to the problem of scale, and the manifestation and interpretation of pattern across different scales. Research projects involve collaborative and integrated theoretical and empirical studies of the dynamics of the grasslands, forests, and the intertidal, as well as work on marine and terrestrial animal groupings. The focus of much of this work is on relating broad scale patterns and remotely sensed images to the finer scale processes that help determine them, and understanding effects of global change on biological diversity. His other research is concerned principally with the dynamics of natural populations, the relation to community and ecosystem organization, the problem of scale, and associated evolutionary questions. Of particular interest are models of dispersal, and the interaction between genetics and ecology: the importance of genetic change in population regulation, coevolutionary problems in natural communities, and ecological approaches to evolutionary questions.