Jeremy Sabloff

Stephen P. Hubbell, Ph.D.

Professor of Botany

  • Pew Fellows Program in Conservation and the Environment, Fellow, 1990-93
  • Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Chairman , National Council for Science and the Environment (formerly Committee for the National Institute of the Environment)

Dr. Hubbell's research focuses on the population biology and community ecology of tropical forests. He is known especially for conceiving and helping to implement a long-term, global research program on tropical forest dynamics that comprises seventeen 120-acre permanent plots in 15 countries, which contain over 3 million individually monitored trees of 5,000 species, representing about 8% of the world's entire tree flora. Dr. Hubbell is known for developing a general mathematical theory of biodiversity and biogeography. In addition to his ongoing field studies and theoretical work, he has been active in setting national science policy for the environment. Dr. Hubbell has a part time appointment as a research scientist for STRI, and works extensively on the Barro Colorado Nature Monument in Panama.