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Dr. Kathryn I. Clark

President, Docere (consulting firm specializing in science and education)

Dr. Clark served as NASA's Chief Scientist for the International Space Station Program and as Chief Scientist for the Human Exploration and Development of Space Enterprise. Her particular interest is in human factors, the elements necessary for the health, safety and efficiency of crews in long-duration space flight. Clark served as Deputy Director of the Center for Microgravity Automation Technology, one of the NASA Commercial Space Centers. Clark's NASA experience began with a neuromuscular development study that flew on Atlantis in 1994. These experiments were repeated and augmented on Discovery in 1995. She was also involved in the Neurolab project flown on Columbia in 1998 and a student-designed ladybug experiment that flew on Columbia in 1999. Clark is the recipient of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Customer Service Excellence Award. Clark received both her M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan and then joined the university faculty in the Department of Cell and Developmental Biology in 1993. Clark chairs the Academic Affairs Committee, Board of Control, Michigan Technological University. She also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Western Reserve Academy and the Board of Advisors of the Jean Michel Cousteau Society. She serves on the boards of the Space Day Foundation and Orion's Quest, both education-oriented not-for-profit organizations. Clark is also a member of the NASA Advisory Council Task Force on International Space Station Operational Readiness.

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