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Mr. Vincent D. Watkins
Executive Secretary

Mr. Watkins has devoted his entire career, now 25 years, to the U.S. space program. Prior to his current position, he was Assistant Chief of the Flight Equipment Division in the Johnson Space Center's Safety and Mission Assurance Directorate. He managed assurance activities related to the definition, design, development and operation of government-furnished equipment (GFE) and extravehicular activity equipment. These engineering functions included flight readiness verification, risk assessments, hazard analysis, nonconformance tracking and product delivery. In 2003 Watkins served as Executive Officer to the Chief of Staff at NASA Headquarters. During this assignment in the Office of the Administrator, he was instrumental in developing and implementing several key initiatives, including the Columbia Families First Team and the Columbia Accident Rapid Reaction Team. Watkins joined NASA in 1980 as Control System Engineer on the Shuttle Training Aircraft. From 1997 to 2003, he served as Chief of the Flight Equipment Division's GFE Assurance Branch. At UCLA in 2003, he completed a NASA Fellowship on Creativity and Innovation in the Organization. He was an inaugural member of the JSC Leadership Development Program in 2002. He received the Mark D. Heath Aircraft Engineering Award, the NASA Exceptional Service Medal and numerous NASA Group Achievement Awards. Watkins has a B.S. in Mathematics from Albany State University.

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