From: "westwood1"
To: "Karen Edwards" <>
Date: 11/6/97 5:51pm
Subject: Channel usage

To: The Public Interest Advisory Committee
Att: Karen Edwards
From: National Association of Radio Reading Services (NARRS)
Bob Brummond, Vice President, NARRS
Date: November 6, 1997
RE: Channel usage

NARRS would like to place the following suggestions on the table for your
I. Allocate 150 Kbs of the 19 Mbs digital channels for the distribution of
accessible information to disabled citizens. allocation would probably
occur as follows:
A. Audio format
1. 30 Kbs to deliver local newspapers and periodicals.
2. 30 Kbs for delivery of books.
3. 30 Kbs for descriptive video.
B. Video format
1. 30 Kbs for closed captioning.
C. Any format
1. 30 Kbs for bulletin channel for all disabilities use (for emergencies
or other instant notification).

II. The determination of how much data stream and for what purposes it
would be used would be left to the local community through the formation of
a local disability committee. This would allow addressing the many
variations of needs for our diverse country.
NARRS has available technical people to specifically outline implementation
details. NARRS is also prepared to provide additional information as

Signal Viability Distribution Committee (NARRS)
Michael Botein, New York
Richard Burden, California
Frank Karkota, New Hampshire
Steve Kellar, Connecticut
Steve Kincaid, Kansas
Mike Shields, Minnesota
Steve Terry, Tennessee
Tim Warner, North Carolina
Beth Jones, South Carolina
Teresa Marrero, New York
Bob Watson, Minnesota