To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(piac)
Date: 10/8/97 1:48pm
Subject: Public Comment

I think there are a huge variety of possibilities that could be offered that
would take advantage of a new digital television network. One of the
things I would like to see broadcasters offer is a "teleconferencing
channel" to schools, libraries, medical institutions, and possibly other
non-profit orgainzations.

I think this would likely require some partnerships between
broadcasters and cable companies, the former to handle content and
the latter to handle infrastructure.

Currently the Internet or a private network is the best means to this end,
but the bandwidth is being stretched to the limit and the quality is poor. I
think the cable infrastructure is capable of more capacity currently. I
also think broadcasters would possibly jump at the chance of offering
interactive university classes, for example, to meet their public
service/educational programming requirements.

Thanks for this opportunity to comment


Ron Barnes
Technology Coordinator
Telluride School District
Telluride, CO 81435