From: ProjEnt <>

To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(piac)

Date: 12/5/97 12:45pm

Subject: Free Television time for political candidates

Re: Public Comment

I write to urge you to require digital broadcasters to provide substantial

free TV time to candidates for public office, INCLUDING 3rd PARTY CANDIDATES.

The public owns the airwaves and grants licenses to broadcasters FOR FREE

(this in itself is questionable) in exchange for agreeing to serve "the public

interest." The best way to serve the public interest is to increase access to

politics by providing FREE Television time to political candidates.

The broadcasters will probably argue that giving time away is too expensive.

I guarantee you that if you offer new licenses with mandatory free political

coverage there will be plenty of broadcasters applying. In fact, if you

started charging for these licenses, there would still be broadcasters


Finally, the free time should be allotted so that third party candidates get

EQUAL coverage. Our constitution and laws DOES NOT mandate a 2 party system.

Thank you,

Vanessa L. Rudin

167 Bergen St.

Brooklyn, NY 11217