From: Brad Heavner <>

To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(piac)

Date: 12/5/97 11:39am

Subject: Candidate TV Time

The case for requiring broadcasters to allocate airtime to candidates

without charge is clear. It would be effective in improving debate and

limiting the influence of moneyed special interests in this nation's

governing process.

Support for this reform amongst the general public is strong. In the many

conversations I have with both strangers and acquaintances, I hear people

saying over and again that the one change which is most needed in reforming

the electoral process as a whole is providing free TV time. People who are

not news junkies, some of whom don't follow current events at all, give me

this reaction. It is obvious to any observor.

The only question, then, is standing up to the industry, and the motivations

behind the outcome of this face-off will be even more clear. Siding with

corporate broadcasters will be rightly perceived as political insiders in

the pockets of greedy investors. Demanding that the broadcasters do their

part to strengthen our democracy will be rightly perceived as principled

leadership with vision.

Brad Heavner

Santa Barbara, California


Frontier Group, Public Interest Research Groups

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