From: Diane Simpson <>

To: NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(piac)

Date: 12/2/97 9:29pm

Subject: Public Comment

Dear Members of the Advisory Committee:

This message is to **strongly** urge you to require that digital

broadcasters provide substantial free TV time to candidates for public


Broadcasters are using a publicly-owned resource--the airwaves--to make

money. They should be required to give something back in return for this

privledge, and that is free air time to candidates for public office.

Currently there is *much* too much influence of big money in politics, and

that is because the candidates have to raise huge amounts of money in order

to get their message out. If money played a less important role in

campaigns, we would have a far more representative form of government.

Third party and independent candidates ought to have access too. The free

television time could be linked to spending limits, in order to reduce the

ability of wealthy candidates to purchase a public office. The regulations

might also require that candidates appear in their own spots, and to speak

for longer than thirty seconds in order to to raise the level of political


Even though such a rule might slightly crimp broadcasters' profits, such

profits are only possible because of their use of a publicly owned and

limited resource. Do not developers have to pay linkage fees in most cities

in order to give something back to the community?

The advent of this new medium is the ideal time to implement such a

requirement, and I urge you to act now!

Sincerely yours,

Diane Simpson