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Date:      12/1/97 8:10pm
Subject:   public comment

Requiring broadcasters to give political candidates free air time is a
nice idea, but if it is aimed at lowering the costs of campaigns, it is
misdirected.  Only massive campaign reform can acomplish that goal.  Maybe
I'm too cynical and jaded, but I doubt that the currently elected 
officials in Washington are going to do away with large campaign
contributions from private interests.  An ideal legislature would
represent the best interests of their constituents, but this is the United
States and our representatives bow to the desires ofspecial interest
groups.  I digress, and I apologize.

I think that requiring broadcasters to give candidates free air time is a
good idea providing that the candidates use it for stating their position
on an issue and not attacking their opponents.  I feel that more people
would become involved in the electoral process if campaigns were polite
and candidates actually responded to the issue that are important to
voters rather than kissing babies and posing for photos.

Just my two cents worth.

Thank you for your time.

Scott Myers

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