Public Comment

From:      Gontaruk <>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(piac)
Date:      12/1/97 1:00pm
Subject:   Free access (to the airways that I own) for candidates

I'm writing to you to complete the deal and take "big money" out of our
elections.  There are many, many problems with our current system - this of
course being one of them.  I hope that your board will do the "Right thing"
and turn the airways over to the people.  The key is to keep the time
allocated to each candidate equal.  The two main concerns I have are:  1)
that the "fat cats" will find a way to monopolize the air-time;  2)  what
levels of office will this be in effect (i.e. Federal, state, county, city,
town, etc.).  The concept of "buying an election" has come to be a legal
reality, and this must end.  The opening of the airways is the first step in
this long process of De-Corruption.  An Ideal situation would be to have
"Election Hours" television shows at all levels throughout the campaigns.
This would create a national interest in elections at all levels, something
that would strike fear in the hearts of those who currently have an unabated
rule of the roost.  Please do not loose this opportunity to make a difference.


David W. Gontaruk
272 Boston Avenue #6
Medford, MA  02155