Public Comment

From:      Joyce Trischler <>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(piac)
Date:      11/29/97 10:30pm
Subject:   public comment on TV broadcast obligations

I write to urge you to require digital broadcasters to provide substantial
time for children's programming and free TV time to candidates for public

TV is a pervasive and influential medium regardless of what technology is
used to bring the signals into homes. It must serve the public interest.
What better way to serve the public than to provide information and
education that promotes informed decision making for children and adults?

Children need to see examples of non-criminal, non-violent living.
Programming should instill respect for people and the planet. Parents should
have the ability to know the type of program content apriori (via ratings)
and to filter inapproriate shows.

Adults need to have information about the candidates that may represent
them. The chance for giving that information has to be available to all
those who would choose to serve the public, not just those who can afford TV
ads. The threshhold to qualify for free time should be reasonable, and low
enough to allow third party and independent candidates to have access. Free
TV could be linked to candidtate spending limits. Candidates could be
required to appear in their own ads, and to speak for longer than the
typical thirty seconds, to raise the level of debate in our politics.

With a new medium coming into popularity, this is the time to impose
requirements for acquiring digital broadcast licenses. Take this opportunity
to change the balance between network, advertiser, and public interest.

Joyce Trischler