Public Comment

From:      <>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(piac),NTIADC40.SMTP40("activist@...
Date:      11/29/97 10:58am
Subject:   Campaign Broadcasting

I am writing to ask you to require digital broadcasters to provide
free TV time to individuals that are campaigning for public office.

People always complain about big money in politics and the need to raise and
spend so much money to get their message out to voters. The people, own the
airwaves!  While the broadcasters use our commonly owned resource to make
profits of hundreds of millions of dollars, they should have an obligation to
reduce the role of big money in politics, by providing free TV time to
qualified candidates.  This will lead to a more representative democracy,
where ideas rather than dollars have the most influence.

Despite arguments that this is too intrusive for government their profits are
only possible because of their use of a publicly owned and limited resource.
 Does anyone think there will be a lack of new applications for digital
broadcasting licenses, simply because the licenses come along with a
requirement for substantial free TV for candidates?  Not at all.

I urge the Committee to support such a requirement, and look forward to
hearing your response.


Sean Kosofsky
40352 Flagstaff
Sterling Heights, MI