Public Comment

From:      <>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(piac)
Date:      11/29/97 10:28am
Subject:   Free TV time for candidates

Digital broadcasters should be required to provide free TV time to political
candidates.  TV time is now very expensive, and an unreasonable amount of
money is needed to get it.  Last time I checked, we the people are supposed
to own the airwaves.  It seems that broadcasters are using this common
resource to make very  large profits, but are resistant to use it for the
common good.

Making the airwaves free for candidates would allow third parties and
independent candidates to have equal access.  Our democracy would work better
as a whole.  We deserve more than 30 second negative advertising.  We should
hear from the people we are going to elect as our leaders.

Yes, this would impinge on broadcasters profits a bit, but really - is it
going to destroy the business? Not likely.  I think it is a small price to
pay.  The airwaves are a publicly owned resource, and with that should come
some responsibility.  This could be a very large benefit to society at a
small price.  

Please support the requirement and make it accessible to all reasonable