Public Comment

From:      Doug LaFollette <>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(piac)
Date:      11/28/97 11:48am
Subject:   TV time

Dear President's Advisory Committee on Public Interest Obligations of Digital
Television Broadcasters, 

As someone who has been involved for years in the election process as a
candidate, I urge you to require digital broadcasters to provide substantial
free TV time to candidates for public office.

Big money has taken over American politics in large measure because of the need
for candidates to buy expensive TV time.  The people, own the airwaves and
broadcasters have an obligation to reduce the role of big money in politics, by
providing free TV time to qualified candidates. 

The threshold to qualify for free time should be low
enough to allow serious third party  candidates to have an opportunity to
express their views as well.   free TV  should require candidates to appear
in their own ads which should also be longer that 15 or 30 sec.

I urge you to support such a requirement, and look forward to hearing your


Doug La Follette

      Doug La Follette         Wisconsin Secretary of State
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                               608-266-8888  fax 608-266-3159

      Technology is of no use to us if it is used without respect for
the earth and its processes.                      
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