Public Comment

From:      John Baglio <>
To:        NTIADC40.NTIAHQ40(piac)
Date:      11/28/97 2:10am
Subject:   Free air time for political campaigns

I am writing to give my opinion that political candidates should be given 
 fair yet substantial access to TV for advertising.  I understand that 
television stations are essentially issued a broadcasting frequency for 
free.  This frequency and the airwaves in general are in the public 
domain and regulated by the FCC, an organization I support with my tax 

I have become jaded regarding the state of politics in our country today. 
 Part of this feeling comes from the way candidates access and use the 
media, especially TV.  The politician with the most money gets to run the 
most and the longest ads, sling the most mud and put his or her name in 
front of the most people during prime times.  I would like to see the 
political scene enlivened by allowing third party and independent 
candidates have access to free TV time, to require politicians to appear 
in their own ads and to allow the option of longer, more substantial ads.

The current flurry of well-edited, candidateless, voiced over ads serve 
no one in the citizenry but the wealthiest politico.  Take this 
opportunity to change the status quo.  Provide equal access to TV 
resources to all candidates.

Thank you,

John Baglio
Jersey City, NJ